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Communication in Oral Rehabilitation; New Protocols

11:30 - 13:00
25 September 2020
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The modern esthetic dentistry is not only about appearance but also about function and functional durability. For functional durability the knowledge about materials and precision of clinical and laboratory work are essential. The clinical part therefore is more demanding for the clinicians especially if we are using minimal invasive approach. Optical devices and digital scanners are helpful for clinicians to achieve that goal. The digital era in dental laboratory today is something that is more and more present but apart to digital dentistry touch of dental technician in high esthetic region is still necessary. For the communication between dentist and dental technician some new protocols should be considered. We have new possibilities for faster and more accurate communications but also some limitations. It is very important for both sides to simplify protocols with respect to precision, function and esthetics.

DT Michele Temperani
DT Michele Temperani

Michele Temperani was born in 1963 in Florence, Italy, were he graduated of dental technician school and achieve his first in lab training. He specialized in ceramic work in the United States, where he also attended courses given by the Tanaka Dental Technology Institute and seminars given by mr. Masahiro Kuwata at the University of Washington. For three years he worked as manager of the ceramic department at the dental laboratory of Kiyosato Okamoto in Seattle, U.S.A.. During the period he lived in the United States, he also collaborated as materials specialist with several leading companies. Since 1990 he has been co-owner with his brother of a full-service dental laboratory in Florence where he exclusively manages the ceramic department. He is active in research and didactic activities for the development of high-strength ceramic materials, in the use of which he was one of the pioneers. He is a member of the European Group for Dental Excellence. He also speaks at conferences and courses for continuing education and has co-authored articles in national and international publications.

Prof. Dr. Marko Jakovac
Prof. Dr. Marko Jakovac

Assoc. Professor Marko Jakovac, DMD, MSc, PhD, graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1998. In 2000, he passed the state exam and obtained a license for independent work. In 2002, he began to specialize in prosthodontics. After receiving his Master of Science degree in 2003 and his PhD in 2008 he became a senior assistant at the Department of Prosthodontics of the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. Since 2009, Marko Jakovac is ass. Professor and has been a course instructor in the "Advanced Preparation Techniques in Fixed Prosthodontics" further education program at the Zagreb Dental School. In 2010, he was appointed head of the postgraduate student course "Aesthetics in Fixed Prosthodontics on Teeth and Implants". In 2012, he became head of the undergraduate students course "Pre-clinical and Laboratory Fixed Prosthodontics". In 2013, he received the Dean's award for the best teacher at the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb and since 2015, he has been head of the undergraduate students course "Microscope in Dental Medicine". Since 2015, he is assoc. professor at Dpt. of Fixed Prosthodontics and 2018 he was announced as a vice-dean for postgraduate studies at School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. Marko Jakovac is the author of textbook "Preclinical and Laboratory Fixed Prosthodontics", coautor in 4 different books, pubished several scientific papers and he has actively participated in numerous international conferences. He is a lecturer and training course instructor (KOL) at international meetings for Ivoclar Vivadent, Carl Zeiss and SironaDensply CAD-CAM. He is a vice president of Croatian Society of Minimal Intervention Dentistry and a member of the Croatian Prosthodontics Society, European Prosthodontics Society, Croatian Society of Dental Implantology, Croatian Medical Association and the Croatian Dental Chamber. Moreover, he is the owner of the "Aesthetica" dental clinic and "Ae-vision" educational center in Zagreb.